The Truth about Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy for Cancer

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You hear doctors talk constantly about how chemotherapy saves lives, doesn’t damage healthy cells, and improves long term survival rates. As you would imagine, these statements all come from the companies that sell these drugs, so it’s equally no hard to imagine that these statements are also false. Why is it that, with all the billions of dollars that are being poured into cancer research, the cancer industry’s only answer is still cut, poison, and burn?

That’s because cancer is a billion dollar industry.

Chemotherapy not only does cause damage to healthy cells, but it encourages them to make a protein that allows tumors to grow and become resistant to any further treatment. In fact, chemotherapy actually encourages cancers to grow. Our traditional method of treating cancer is the leading cause of secondary cancers.

The cancer industry is particularly repugnant because the very products that cause many cancers are made by divisions of the same corporations who make the equipment that are used to diagnose cancers, the drugs used in chemotherapy, as well as the ones that are intended to keep the cancer from returning.

The cancer industry destroys any safe or effective cures so they can promote their expensive, toxic remedies that actually do more harm than good. There has been no cancer drug that has ever actually cured anyone. Even what most doctors would consider successful cancer treatments are really only managing the symptoms. In fact, since there is no such thing as a drug without a side effect, people have truthfully only changed one problem (the cancer) for another (the side effects from chemo.)

The one thing that doctors won’t tell you is that traditional chemo and radiation might kill cancer cells, yes, but it also kills you.

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