Cleanse Your Liver the Old Fashioned Russian Way!

Your liver is what you might call the laboratory of the body. Many complex chemicals take place there that ensure your survival each and every day.

Your liver breaks down the toxins that you encounter, consume, and produce. Unfortunately, in today’s society, we are inundated with toxic chemical substances in the air, water, and even in our food, and we often make the problem worse with our prescription and over the counter medications, an improper diet, and lack of sleep. Your liver cleans and purifies the blood, removing all toxins and waste products. When your liver is overburdened, it doesn’t do that as effectively as it could, which leaves you feeling bloated and tired. It’s no wonder that cleansing and detoxifying our overworked and overburdened liver is vital for the recovery of our organs and allows us to live a life free from chronic disease.

Heap Of Raisins

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An old fashioned method that is favored by the Russian people and has been used for centuries to cleanse and detox the liver is through the use of raisins.  Although there do not appear to be any real studies on the effectiveness of this method, the Russian people swear by it.


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It’s important to find raisins that have not been treated with sulfur dioxide. Look at your local health food store or your local farmers’ market. The package should say “no sulfur dioxide added”. If for some reason you cannot find natural raisins, you can make some yourself by using high quality, organic grapes and drying them in your food dehydrator. Use black or red grapes, not seedless green grapes.

Follow this procedure for preparing and using the raisins for your liver cleanse:

1. Take one half cup of raisins and cover them with hot water for 15 minutes.

2. Rinse the raisins with fresh, cool, running water.

3. Boil some more water, and then allow to cool until it is close to room temperature.

4. Place the raisins in jar or cup and cover them with the boiled water. Allow to sit for 24 hours.

5. In the morning, on an empty stomach, eat the raisins and drink the water they were soaking in.

6. Now lie down for one and a half to two hours with a hot water bottle on the right side of your abdomen.

This liver cleanse is performed once per week for a period of four weeks, twice per year.

It would be ideal if you can find or make raisins that still have that small stem attached to the top, as these have been noted as being extra powerful.