Colon Cancer: How To Reduce Your Risk?!

Vitamin D

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2. Get plenty of Vitamin D

Your body’s level of vitamin D plays a big role in strengthening your immune system. “Evidence suggests protective effects of vitamin D and antitumor immunity on colorectal cancer risk,”according to a 2015 article published in the online medical journal Gut.

The best way of getting vitamin D is through exposure to sunlight. Everyone’s skin sensitivity is different, but a good rule of thumb is to get 30 minutes of sunlight each day. Be sure not to put on sunscreen during this time, because that will negate the benefits of the sunlight. If for some reason this is not an option, tanning beds or vitamin D supplementation is also effective (this may be necessary during the dimmer months of winter). Having blood levels of vitamin D in the range of 50-70 ng/ml is considered ideal.


3. Get more fiber

Fiber is one of the most important nutrients that can reduce your risk of colon cancer. Your risk of this form of cancer decreases by 10 percent for every 10 grams of fiber consumed each day. Fruits and vegetables are especially beneficial for reducing your risk of cancer for all the reasons listed above, but it is also due to the high levels of fiber these foods contain. If you consume plenty of these foods, you’ll probably be getting the fiber you need.

Other great sources of fiber include flax and chia seeds.

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