Common Foods That Food Experts Won’t Eat but You Do Everyday

non organic apples_fruit

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Scientists who study food are shining a light on food stuffs that are overloaded with chemicals and manmade toxins, and suggesting swaps of unhealthy food for healthy, clean food that will give you mega health.  Let’s take a look at from another point of view, from those who spend their lives uncovering what is actually in the foods we eat and whether or not it is safe to eat.  This isn’t necessarily a “banned” foods list, but try the swaps suggested and see if it doesn’t leave you feeling great and bring you better health.


1. Non Organic Apples

Organic foods experts won’t eat conventional, non-organic applies. The problem? Apples are the #1 fall fruit most covered in pesticides. Since each variety comes from single trees, there is no diversity to give apples a chance to develop any kind of resistance to insects; therefore, apples must be sprayed with toxic chemicals repeatedly.

Experts are quick to note that farm workers have the highest rates of many types of cancer, which shows how deadly these pesticides can be.  Recent studies have linked pesticides with Parkinson’s disease.  Your alternative? Buy organic apples.

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