Common Symptoms Of Mold Poisoning – Is It In Your Home?

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Why Is Mold Such A Health Problem?

Although you might think of mold as just a “gross” problem you need to clean in the bathroom, mold toxicity actually falls into a category of biotoxin illness called Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome or CIRS.

CIRS is a chronic, inflammatory response in the body that occurs after exposure to mold spores. While most healthy people will make antibodies in response and kill off the spores they breath in, it has been estimated that 24 percent of the population cannot make sufficient amounts of antibodies. These people make up about 95 percent of those who experience symptoms of mold poisoning.

Even among the 24 percent who cannot make enough antibodies to fight off mold spores, there is another two percent of those who are super susceptible to mold. Some people have immune systems that simply don’t recognize these toxins as a problem. This causes a state of chronic inflammation. This means that CIRS will never heal, it will never go away on its own, and it will not stop creating health problems. This inflammatory response can go on unabated for years.

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