Common Symptoms Of MS Every Woman Ignores But Shouldn’t!

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2. Vitamin D

Another common problem with MS is osteoporosis. Since most people who suffer from MS have been found to have low vitamin D levels, you can help correct both problems by either getting about 30 minutes of natural sunlight on your bare skin each day, or by consuming vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D has also been shown in some studies to help slow down progression of this disease.


3. Ginkgo biloba

This ancient herbal remedy is known to give people more energy and help the brain to work better by improving circulation. Since MS tends to come with crushing fatigue and brain fog, you might want to consider consuming some of this herb. Always buy a good quality supplement from a reputable source as some of the cheaper brands contain little or no ginkgo biloba. Take according to directions.


4. Acupuncture

If you find that you are suffering from severe pain, before you turn to pain killers, you might want to give acupuncture a try. This ancient technique from China has been proven to help stop or lessen pain levels. Almost all MS patients who have tried this method have reported lowered levels of pain.

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