Is There A Correlation Between Creativity And Not Socializing?

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Most people would agree that being socially withdrawn and isolated is not a good thing. There are numerous studies now proving that not getting adequate social contact and not have quality relationships with other people can have a detrimental effect on not only one’s psychological wellbeing, but even on your physical health. But some intriguing research has been done which shows that not all loneliness is the same, and that some people may actually benefit from not socializing as much.


What does the research show?

Psychologists have investigated why it is that some people prefer to spend more time with others while others do not, and historically, they have divided this trait in to three different categories.

The first is shyness, which is associated with a lack of confidence. The second is called avoidance which is a term that describes people that simply don’t like socializing. Finally, there is being “unsociable” and it is in this third category that researchers think they may have discovered something new.

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