Could This One Thing be the Cause of Your Depression?

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6. Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are vital for the proper functioning of your brain. When you don’t get sufficient amounts of amino acids in your diet, feelings of depression, lack of concentration, and a general feeling of lethargy can easily take over your life. You can get plenty of amino acids naturally by eating more seeds, nuts, beans, and red meat.


7. Zinc

This little mineral is vital to so many functions in our bodies, more than we ever imagined. Not only is zinc vital for proper digestion, it repairs proteins and helps our DNA reproduce. It also improves immune function and control inflammation.


8. Selenium

Selenium is vital for optimum thyroid function. It’s also a very important antioxidant that keeps the polyunsaturated acids from becoming oxidized within the cell membranes. Adults need at least 55mg of selenium in order to keep our physical and mental abilities at their absolute best.

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