Could This One Thing be the Cause of Your Depression?

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3. Vitamin C

Most of us think that we are getting enough of this important vitamin, but we rarely are. Although many animals are able to synthesize vitamin C, human beings cannot, we must get it from our foods. We also must spread it out a bit during the day as our bodies can only use so much at one time. Excess vitamin C is simply removed from the body via urine so consuming a huge 1,000mg of vitamin C first thing in the morning probably isn’t doing you as much good as you think it is. You can consume more citrus fruits, potatoes, green peppers, strawberries, cantaloupe, kiwi fruit, and tomatoes to get your vitamin C, but if you want to be certain you are getting a sufficient amount, consider cutting that 1,000mg pill in two and taking half in the morning and the other half in the afternoon or evening.


4.  Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Many people think that omega-3s are only important for those who want to look after their heart, but these fatty acids have a big impact on your mental health too. This is another thing that your body cannot make on its own, so you need to eat the right foods to get enough of it. Eat two or three servings each day of fatty fish like sardines, tuna, salmon, and halibut or a handful of walnuts every day. If you aren’t a big fan of fish, take fish oil supplements to be sure you are getting plenty of this vital fatty acid.


5. B-Complex Vitamins

One study conducted in 2009 found that more than 25 percent of older women who were diagnosed as being severely depressed were deficient in one or more of the B vitamins.  These often overlooked vitamins are extremely important for our mental health, probably much more so than we realize. Although you can get B vitamins in eggs, milk, seafood, meat, chicken, and fish, many vegetarians will find that getting enough of these vitamins next to impossible. Don’t single out any one B vitamin, either, as these tend to work best in combination. Take a good quality B complex supplement to be sure your brain is getting everything it needs from these important vitamins.

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