Could This One Thing be the Cause of Your Depression?

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Have you ever looked around you and wondered where all your happiness and joy went to? It’s as if your get up and go got up and went!

If you believe you suffer from depression, you are not alone. However, before you decide to see your doctor and ask for some of those happy pills, perhaps the only thing that is really missing in your life is…vitamins and minerals?

Even though we are surrounded by food everywhere in America, many of us, especially women, suffer from some sort of nutrient deficiency. Americans weigh, on average, 26 pounds more than we did 60 years ago, but we simply aren’t getting the nutrients our bodies need form the foods we are consuming.

Even those who are eating what is considered to be a healthy diet find that they can have nutrient deficiencies due to our depleted soils.

The Centers for Disease Control Second Nutrition Report came to the conclusion that there are about 11 nutrients that many Americans simply do not consume sufficient amounts of, and without those vital nutrients, you can end up sick, feeling tired, and certainly feeling depressed.

So if you have been battling depression and you are seriously considering getting on the happy pill diet, or if you are already using prescription medications for depression, ask your doctor to test you to see if you are lacking in any of the nutrients listed below. Do that before you damage your body even further by popping those pills from Dr. Feelgood.


1. Vitamin D

This is perhaps one of the biggest deficiencies around. A lack of this basic vitamin has been linked to autism, dementia, cancer, and depression. Most people who live in cold weather parts of the country often become deficient in the fall and winter months when there is little sunlight and even less desire to go outside sometimes even when the sun is out! Although the National Institutes for Health state that most adults need about 600 IUs of vitamin D each day, a more accurate number should be about 5,000 IUs for the best possible mental health.


2. Iron

It has been estimated that about 20 percent of all adult women suffer from an iron deficiency. Lack of this mineral causes symptoms such as depression, fatigue, irritability, and a lack of concentration. Be certain that you are getting at least 8 to 18 mg of iron each day. Ladies, especially if you are of child-bearing age, be sure you get the maximum amount!

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