Could Your Favorite Foods Be Poisoning You?

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Photo credit: bigstock

This isn’t the only food that is contaminated with this deadly toxic metal. Almost all shellfish have cadmium in their meats, due to environmental pollution. Shrimp from Asia, that is now very popular because it is inexpensive, is a perfect example.  Oysters that have been harvested from both Canadian coasts are another contaminated food. Sunflowers, and their popular seeds, are also grown in contaminated soils and tend to absorb cadmium. You should think twice about buying any oil or seed butters that come from sunflower plants, especially if they are grown in the Dakota states. Rice is another crop that absorbs cadmium, and in the US, Contaminated Louisiana is the state where most American rice is grown. Also, if you enjoy dried apricots, try to buy varieties that are grown somewhere other than the contaminated soils of Turkey. Indian black mustard is another contaminated plant, and free range escargot snails tend to test high for cadmium contamination.

By the way, for those of you who might be smokers, or live with smokers, you should know that cigarettes are a significant source of cadmium exposure. Although there is usually less cadmium found in tobacco than in food, your lungs absorb this toxic metal more efficiently than your stomach does. Read more bitter truth of smoking.

Exposure to cadmium laden air causes flu like symptoms including fever, chills, and muscle aches. These issues resolve themselves after a week or so when the person is removed from the source of contamination. Continued or more severe exposure to polluted air causes pneumonitis, and pulmonary edema.  Eating any significant amount of cadmium will cause immediate poisoning as well as severe damage to the kidneys and liver.  Compounds or foods that contain cadmium are carcinogenic. Bones will become soft, which will cause breaks and fractures as well as pain in the joints and back. Kidneys will lose their function and the damage that cadmium causes kidneys is irreversible.

Some foods, such as flax, increase your cadmium levels, while others can help the body detox from cadmium. If you believe you may have consumed cadmium, doing a few detox programs, along with eating foods that will detox the liver, would be a wise move.


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