Ebola Outbreak May Already be Uncontrollable

A possible worldwide eruption of the deadly Ebola virus is already underway and has crossed national borders with ease. Reports of one infected person on board an international flight had fits of vomiting on the plane and exposed hundreds of people to this horrifying disease, which can be transmitted through the air. With an 8 to 10 day incubation period, this virus could be in thousands of people who are unknowingly, carrying it right now and spreading it across the world without any idea that they are infected, and that they are infecting everyone they come into contact with, who, in turn, are infecting everyone they come into contact with.

USA Today reports that passengers in both the UK and Hong Kong are already showing symptoms of this disease and are being tested. After two workers were exposed to the virus, The Peace Corps has evacuated their volunteers from West Africa.


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First off, the following paragraph is a graphic description of how this deadly virus attacks the body. We offer apologies, and our sympathy, to those victims who have suffered from this horrible disease. Please note that there is graphic language and descriptions in the following paragraph.

What this deadly disease does is to cause the cells within the body to self-destruct, which results in internal and external bleeding on a massive scale. When it reaches its late stages, Ebola can cause its victim to have convulsions, bleeding from the eyes and ears during these convulsions, as well as vomiting. This means that often times, vomit and blood are being thrown around the room as well as anyone who might be standing nearby.  This terribly gruesome ending is how Ebola is able to spread itself around so effectively. This virus is like a weapon in the bloodstream. It causes its victim to throw it around so that almost everyone else in the immediate area will become infected, almost like some B grade zombie horror film.

Severe hemorrhaging begins 4 to 5 days after the onset of the disease which can cause bleeding bums, hematuria, vaginal bleeding, and pharyngitis. This is according to a report from the Public Health Agency of Canada in their Pathogen Safety Data Sheet. This very same publication also states that there is no known antiviral treatment available for those who become infected.

Pay attention to that: There are NO KNOWN TREATMENTS available.

Sadly, Sierra Leone’s top Ebola doctor died just yesterday from an infection of this virus. Although he was well trained in infectious diseases, even he underestimated the ability of this killer to jump from one person to another. About half of those who become infected will die, making this one of the most fatal diseases mankind has ever known. Still, even with this knowledge, medical personnel around the world are not using sufficient precautions when they are dealing with infected persons.

Yes, there are some drugs that are currently under development by big pharmaceutical companies that hold some promise, but nothing is final yet. One interesting thing to note is that Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, the main company that is working on this anti-Ebola drug or vaccine, has received more than 1.5 million dollars from Monsanto. This makes one really wonder exactly what is going on behind the scenes there?  Tekmira also received a 140 million dollar contract from the Department of Defense for the development of a drug that would either counteract Ebola or a vaccine for the prevention of contracting Ebola.

Of course we aren’t saying that there is some type of conspiracy or collusion going on here, but there are a lot of people who are raising their eyebrows over the fact that Monsanto just happens to be doling out a cash grant to an important key pharmaceutical company who is working on a cure for Ebola during a hugely publicized Ebola outbreak which could possible create a huge market for these drugs, should they develop one. The fact that our own Department of Defense is involved in all this makes things all the more suspicious.

Of course this outbreak is very real, and very alarming, but we should point out that the CDC, WHO, as well as drug companies, have repeatedly played up the severity of some diseases in order to promote the sales of certain drugs or treatments, so we can’t help but be suspicious. Isn’t it interesting how huge profits just seem to fall into place for certain corporations following worldwide outbreaks of infectious disease? Keep in mind how vaccine manufacturers made untold billions of dollars off the swine flu? Later on, they ended up destroying that same amount of dollars in swine flu vaccines, that they had stockpiled,  later on?

Unfortunately, air travel makes the perfect incubator for Ebola to destroy much of humanity. Consider these facts about air travel:

  • All passengers on a plane breathe the same air
  • Ebola can become airborne on very small particles of air. All it takes is a single virus to infect an entire plane full of people.
  • When they leave the plane, the now infected passengers pass through crowded airports and mingle with thousands of other people who could be flying to every point on the globe.
  • The speed of air travels is much greater than the speed that governments can move at.

A true global pandemic from Ebola could start with a single person on one international flight and then circle the globe in probably less than 48 hours. All it takes is one organism to infect a new person.

Exactly how much of the Ebola virus would it take to actually infect someone? Shockingly, just 1 to 10 aerosolized organisms, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Read that again, friends. It would only take ONE microscopic virus hitching a ride on one particle of dust to cause a person to become infected. Now, perhaps, you can imagine how just one infected person, vomiting on an international flight, could infect dozens, or even hundreds, of other persons at one time.

Some experts fear that this may have already happened. Health officials in Nigeria are desperately trying to trace some 30,000 people who could possibly be at risk of contracting this super infectious virus, after the death in Lagos of Patrick Sawyer. This comes as a famous Nigerian actor by the name of Jim Lyke, posted a picture of himself in the first class area of an airport lounge, wearing a mask to protect him from the Ebola virus. He was fleeing his home land, Liberia.

So now the desperate search is underway to find the hundreds of passengers who flew on the same flights that Sawyer did. It’s believed that 59 passengers and crew might have come into contact with Sawyer. The problem with tracking these people down is that some of these passengers went on to connecting flights. So, just for arguments sake, let’s say that only 20 people (which would be an outrageously low estimate) were going on to connecting flights. The spread of this virus would expand beyond any possible containment. In less than 12 hours, more than half a million people would have been possibly exposed.

Witnesses say that they saw Sawyer, a 40 year old Finance Ministry employee in Liberia, who was en route to a business conference in Nigeria, was vomiting and had diarrhea while on at least one flight, which had about 50 other passengers,. Of course Ebola can be contracted from feces or from vomit. This report came to us from CBS news.

There is a US doctor in Texas who has reportedly contracted the Ebola virus. Dr. Kent Brantly, his wife, and two children left Liberia for a visit to the United States on July 20th of 2014. Just a few days later, Kent Brantly voluntarily quarantined himself in the isolation ward at the same hospital where he had been treating victims of Ebola.  He has tested positive for the disease.

Dr. Brantly’s wife and children are now under 21 day quarantine in Abilene Texas. So the quarantining of Americans on US soil has already begun.

Although no one is yet discussing what this ultimately might mean if a large US city begins to have outbreaks of this deadly infection. Does this mean that the federal government will use military force to quarantine the city? Make no doubt about it; the possibility of this scenario is already on the books in case of a national emergency. All that is needed is the declaration of martial law and then an entire US city could be sealed off at gun point. Machinegun point, we might add.

Even though the federal government’s official reaction is completely low-key, the truth is that the federal government is already preparing for a possible Ebola outbreak in the continental US.

Congress has been informed by the Defense Department that it has already given biological diagnostic systems to National Guard teams in every single state.

Now on one hand we might want to applaud the fact that the government is trying to be prepared in advance, but it really begs the question:  Does the government have any plans to tell the public the truth about all this? If so, when? The answer; probably never. Why risk a panic when half of the infected people aren’t going to survive the pandemic anyway, is their thought.

Something everyone should be aware of is that Ebola is, perhaps, the perfect bioweapon. Due to its ability to survive being stored and still work after days, weeks, maybe even years later, it can be very easily taken from infected victims.

This means that, once inside the desired country, a terrorist could easily infect people simply by releasing the virus in public transit venues. An outbreak of Ebola within a major US city would threaten the public health of our entire country. This is why our open borders during this crisis are unconscionable when you consider the health risk to our citizens.

Consider this: American health officials go nuts when two children come down with whooping cough in a Maryland public school. But we allow tens of thousands of people to come to this country, with absolutely no medical scrutiny in the middle of an international outbreak of Ebola and the feds turn a blind eye to it. Should there be an Ebola outbreak in this country, you can bet that this is most likely how it will get here.

Source: Naturalnews.com