Ebola Transmission by Air Confirmed

Kurt Nimmo from Infowars.com reported today that transmission of the Ebola virus through the air isn’t possible. Well, Kurt, that information is just plain wrong. Although his article “Don’t Fear Ebola, Fear the Stat”, is a wonderfully written piece, it’s factually incorrect and this issue should be addressed.

Ebola CAN hitch a ride on aerosolized particles of mucous, blood, or other bodily fluids. This means that if someone with Ebola should sneeze, for example, this can allow the Ebola virus to fly through the air, where they can land on your hands, or face. Just one microbe of this virus entering through the corner of your mouth or the corner of your eye, can give you a full blown Ebola infection.


Photo credit: naturalnews

Back in 2012, the BBC printed an article titled “Growing concerns over ‘in the air’ transmission of Ebola”. This article states that scientists in Canada have discovered that the most deadly form of the Ebola virus could be transmitted through the air between species. In their experiments, they showed that this virus could be transmitted from pigs to monkeys without any direct contact. For this experiment, they put infected pigs in pens with monkeys in separate pens, but nearby. After only 8 days, some of the monkeys were showing symptoms of the Ebola virus.

Even worse, something you won’t hear on the mainstream news is that Ebola is a very strong survivor and can live outside a living host. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, this virus can live in liquid or on dry material for several days. It can survive in temperature at about 4 centigrade (about 39 degrees) for several days. This mean Ebola can survive for a few days on things such as door handles, or other household surfaces. So if an infected Ebola patient should touch common objects, such as door knobs, handles, or car seats, another innocent victim could very easily become infected himself from touching those same objects and then putting his hands in his eyes, mouth, or nose.

Now the remainder of the Infowars articles is dead on, saying that “Ebola is being exploited and exaggerated as part of a psychological operation by government.” This is 100 percent true. Any infectious disease announced by the government is going to be used to control the population.

All natural disasters, diseases, and even crises that are man-made are exploited by governments as pretexts to both enlarge and extend their power and reach. The state thrives on every crisis, whether real or not, as part of a systematic effort to keep us under control and ramp up their police state tactics. Their goal isn’t what you would think. It’s not protection of the people, it’s about becoming a surveillance state with a militarized component that is not deployed to save us from terrorists, or even deadly diseases, but to control the populace and maintain a feeling of fear.

The discussion about the “fast tracking” of Ebola vaccines should have everyone very, very concerned. This could mean that the government intends to mandate vaccines for all Americans and this would quickly turn into a public health disaster.

But the main point that everyone needs to full understand is that even though governments will exploit Ebola doesn’t mean that it isn’t a deadly virus with the ability to spread through the air. Everyone needs to be informed about the real risk of exposure to these deadly pathogens, just in case a pandemic is somehow released across America.

Ebola is very easy to catch.

Those of us who are always skeptical about those “official” statements from the government must remember that, just because the government can benefit from a pandemic, this doesn’t mean that a pandemic can’t happen. Don’t let your guard down and think that Ebola isn’t all that hard to catch because the truth is; it IS easy to catch.

The only way that it would be hard to catch this virus would be if you were nowhere near it or anyone who has it. Ebola is like an out of control wildfire in Africa, but if you’re not in Africa, then of course it’s hard to get it, because it can’t cross the Atlantic Ocean on its own! However, if you are in the same room with someone infected with Ebola, it’s super easy to catch this and guess what? The U.S. health authorities, who are supposed to be looking out for us, are actually importing this deadly virus into America right now. They are flying two Ebola patients to Emory University in Atlanta.

Ebola is marked as a level 4 biohazard. If it were difficult to catch, then you wouldn’t see people wearing those protective head to toe biohazard suits when they are working near patients who are infected.

No matter what the government is telling us, Ebola is extremely dangerous and highly contagious, with a proven ability to spread through the air via aerosolized particles. Be careful, friends, be very, very careful.





  1. Dana Wilson

    Aug 8, 2014 at 12:15 am

    If a fly, for example, were to land on vomit infected with the Ebola virus, couldn’t it then land on a person’s skin and infect them?

  2. Gabe

    Aug 11, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    They have drones the size of a mosquito that could transport any dangerous substance.

  3. OnlyOneTruth

    Aug 11, 2014 at 6:53 pm

    The fast tracking of the vaccines are to save lives. I lived in Liberia and I know what is happening there. The reason it is spreading there is that the hospitals can’t handle the sick, the people don’t understand about this disease and instead of isolating themselves, many have gone on to transmit it further. The government and the health care workers are totally overwhelmed. ELWA hospita/SIM/Samaritan’s Purse and Doctors Without Borders are the only ones able to handle the sick properly and they have no more room and limited resources as in not enough protective suits, etc. The world didn’t wake up to help at all until Americans got sick. Now the borders are closed and communities are restricted. Anyone whose temperature is elevated can’t leave their community and their community then won’t have anything to do with them. Their families sleep outside while the sick wait for someone to come take them to a hospital or get their body if they wait too long. People can’t work or go to the market to get food. It’s a huge calamity but it’s one that won’t happen here. You don’t cook over a coal fire or share a community bathroom. We have isolation units in our hospitals and excellent supportive care. We know about washing our hands and how disease is spread and we have everything we need to stay clean. Our country is not at risk right now but huge numbers of West Africans are dying and they need fast-tracked drugs or vaccines. They aren’t being developed for you. They are being developed to halt the disease in other countries before it spreads over the earth. You should be thankful they are working on them. I sure am and I’m begging them to hurry up.

  4. marie morris

    Aug 19, 2014 at 4:13 pm

    Getting Ebola from the door handle like you stated can this be when a person infected with the disease leave a body fluid or what?

  5. Ronald Porcke-Wms

    Oct 3, 2014 at 7:19 pm

    So, what’s your source about the the pigs to monkeys airborne Ebola transmission? It has been a few days now since the gentleman in Dallas symptoms manifested and thus far his family has not shown any signs yet.