Infected Ebola Patients In Atlanta: Is the US at Risk of an Outbreak?

Two patients infected with the deadly Ebola virus will soon be flown to Emory University in Atlanta for full medical exams, as well as for possible treatment. One of the patients is an American doctor who was, unfortunately, recently infected.

This event marks the first time in American history that an infectious disease, a level 4 biohazard, will be deliberately transported to a large city, while still living and multiplying within a living person. This surprising revelation immediately brings to mind a dozen questions and feelings. Just a few of the thoughts most people have:

Photo credit: naturalnews

Photo credit: naturalnews

  • WTH?! Why would anyone deliberately bring an Ebola infected person into the USA? Have they lost their minds? Do they really want to start this pandemic here?
  • Good for Emory! They are reaching out in an attempt to save a doctors life!
  • These guys will be living human guinea pigs. They are going to run all sorts of experiments on them, these poor people!
  • They are going to use these people to try to find a cure or a vaccine and hope to make a big profit; they don’t really care about these people.
  • Outstanding! Everyone knows the USA has the best medical care and they want these brave people to get the best possible care and hopefully save their lives!
  • Why are they taking this risk? Isn’t it dangerous to move infected patients? Aren’t they just asking for a breakout of this killer disease here?
  • Why are they risking the lives of the 300 million people here in the US? Those people know what they were getting into in Africa, let them live (and possibly die) with their decisions.
  • The Defense department must want these people to harvest the new strains of Ebola as a part of their viral weapons programs.

Rest assured that these are just some of the questions, reactions, and thoughts that people are having.

More than likely, there are several things going on at the same time, and several reasons for bringing these infected people here. Common sense says, that on the most basic level, doctors who are on the front line in West Africa simply hope to save their co-workers and bringing them back to the US for treatment offers them the best chance of survival.

But we would be naive if we didn’t realize that, somewhere along the line, there are drug company profits at stake. The worse this problem becomes, the more money that can be made from it in the future should a vaccine or cure be developed. There is already one company, Tekmira, which was recently awarded a multi-million dollar contract from the Defense department for its development of an Ebola drug.

What’s truly scary, however, is that Ebola can be one of the most easily manipulated viruses for use as a weapon this world has ever seen. The Department of Defense is simply drooling over this jewel and has already created strains of this virus to use as weapons. (Defensive or offensive remains to be seen) This weaponized virus is being kept in a super-cooled level 4 biohazard location somewhere in the US. They justify this with the reasoning that this is necessary to our national defense. It’s hard to imagine that the survival of our very nation might one day rely on the release of this global killer but anything is possible.

Although they won’t admit it, you just know that blood samples from these victims will be shared with official Pentagon virologists or bioweapon specialists, in case this is a new, or more deadly strain with a mutation that could make it an even “better” bioweapon than whatever it is that the military already has.


The Risk

Although almost everyone has compassion for these unfortunate individuals and everyone would wish them the best, and want them to have the best care possible, after all, at least one of these persons put their lives on the line to help save others. They deserve whatever efforts we can manage to try to save their lives. It’s safe to say that the prayers of the American people are with these two patients.

However, that being said, it wouldn’t be prudent if we did not consider very carefully the risks to everyone in the nation by flying Ebola into a large and heavily populated city. This virus could only be brought to this continent in this manner; it would never be able to survive the trip in any other manner. So, by bringing these patients to North America, health authorities might just be falling into a trap made by the “virus” self. This isn’t to say that this virus thinks or plans, but that our desire to control it and manipulate this virus may make us a victim of our own arrogant plans and desires.


The What If’s

When you start thinking this way, the situation becomes much more clear and more frightening.

  • What if someone makes a mistake while these patients are being transferred? What if this virus gets loose? Mistakes happen all the time, even among well trained doctors. Don’t believe this is possible? Remember, one of the infected is a doctor working on the front lines in West Africa. This doctor somehow became infected, even though he obviously did not intend to. Even highly trained medical personnel can, and already have, underestimated the ability of this strain of Ebola to spread. So again, we have to ask, what if this virus gets loose among the American people?
  • What if there is an air transport accident? Imagine that the jet carrying these patients has some mechanical problems and crashes into the forests, or into some city in Georgia? Of course the chances of this are slim to none, but it’s not impossible. So let’s imagine for one minute that this jet crashes and this virus is now out and free in Georgia, spreading itself across the state. What will we do then? Quarantine the state of Georgia?
  • What if one of these Ebola victims infects someone else at Emory? There will surely be blood drawn, and IV’s inserted. All of these things involve sharp needles that can pierce protective clothing and gloves. One prick is all it will take to become infected. This has happened so many times with other diseases, it’s not at all unlikely that this could happen.
  • What if a terrorist group that is operating inside the US decide to use this opportunity to stage a raid or an attack on the plane, or at Emory itself for the sole purpose of getting their hands on the Ebola virus and using it themselves as a weapon against us? Will the plane be guarded? Will these patients’ rooms be guarded? Are there going to be any security measures taken with these patients at all?

Or course the experts involved with these patients are going to take every possible precaution and be very careful when dealing with this virus but if we believe that 100 percent containment is possible, we are only fooling ourselves, to our possible demise. We might be able to achieve 99.999 percent containment, but just the physical aspects of moving people from one country, to an airplane, and then into a hospital involves risks whose levels are higher than zero. No matter how many precautions you take, no one can say, in all honesty, that there is a ZERO chance that this virus can break free and get into the general population. The risk might be miniscule, but it’s NOT zero.

So why don’t we send medical teams and whatever else is needed to the patients instead?

This makes a lot of sense and you have to wonder why the US government isn’t taking all precautions and sending medical teams, equipment, and drugs to the patients, instead of risking everyone on this continent.

We don’t have an answer to this question but this is the one we should be asking first and foremost. We should be demanding an answer, also, since all over our lives depend on it. Ebola is nothing to screw around with and our over confidence in handling this virus might just be our undoing.

Keep in mind that this particular strain of virus has already completely overwhelmed the entire government resources of several West African countries. Doctors there knew all the necessary safety measures but somehow, either made a mistake, or underestimated their own exposure risk and somehow became infected. This virus has already shown us that it knows how to out-maneuver many health experts, including one of the top experts, an Ebola specialist, who died from this disease last week.

So now, Emory University wants to bring this deadly virus to the United States.

We can only hope that there aren’t any mistakes that expose the general population, because if they are wrong, they could set lose a virus that puts all of us at risk. Remember, too, that Ebola has a fatality rate of 50 to 90 percent. This is no joke, friends.