Ebola Vaccine Becoming a Virtual Gold Rush


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How can someone make money from a deadly pandemic? Tens of thousands of investors know how, put your money into Tekmira Pharmaceutical stock, the new sacred cow of the pharmaceutical industry due to its recent FDA approval to fast track a possible Ebola vaccine.

Tekmira’s Ebola vaccine was put on hold temporarily by the FDA, but after a petition was posted last week that urged the FDA to push the trials forward, the FDA suddenly reversed its decision. It announced that it would approve a fast-track method for trials involving humans. Not surprisingly, Tekmira’s stock nearly doubled and currently stands at about 26 dollars a share. When did on online petition EVER get the FDA to do anything, except for big pharmacy profits?

More than 28 million shares of stock in Tekmira was bought and sold last Friday. It would be interesting to know if any of these investors have actually taken the time to think about what would have to happen for Tekmira, and themselves, to make a profit on its Ebola research.

Tekmira would only be profitable if there was a truly terrible Ebola pandemic and that people by the thousands or millions were dying or were infected and thus forcing governments worldwide to purchase the vaccine.

The gold rush has begun, friends. Already people are hoping to “make a killing” off of the possible deaths of thousands. There is already quite a bit of fear mongering going on solely for the purpose of creating demand for this vaccine. It’s interesting that both the media and the federal government state that a vaccine is the only hope, that there is no other medical treatment or options.

There was an article posted on Yahoo which stated that 145 people in Atlanta had contracted Ebola. This story was completely false and was later pulled, but before that could happen, that story was re-tweeted an untold number of times and it spread fear and panic probably faster than the virus could actually spread itself.

The purpose of “accidental stories” such as this is to create a public demand that their governments protect them and stockpile the necessary vaccine. Hear that sound? That’s the ka-ching! of dollars pouring in. When governments buy vaccines, they will end up spending as millions or even billions of dollars. After that, its mission accomplished for the stockholders and the vaccine manufacturers.

There is an article posted on 247WallSt.com that asks if Tekmira can actually make a profit with this vaccine. This article states that it’s one saving grace is that Ebola has now been declared a worldwide health emergency by the World Health Organization. This only clarifies that fact that the CDC and the WHO announcements are connected to the profits that Tekmira hopes to make.

Now Big Pharmacy knows that there is not much of a profit in selling the vaccine in developing countries. How can you get money where there is no money to be had. So the ultimate goal of Big Pharmacy is to extract as much money as possible from the given population. This is why we have pills selling in the United States for $1,000 each and the same pill being sold in Egypt for $10 each.

What these big drug companies really need is to have a serious Ebola outbreak in a country that has the money to spend on vaccines. Countries such as the UK, Canada, or the good old US of A.

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The best case scenario for the manufacturers of vaccines is an out of control pandemic in a rich nation where a system of socialized medicine guarantees that the government must purchase vaccines. This is how Merck took in billions of dollars with the swine flu hoax that occurred a few years ago. Almost all of those vaccines were later destroyed because they had expired and were never needed.

Drug companies are salivating at the thought of a pandemic in a wealthy country, not a poor one, that’s for certain. Of course, investors are rooting for the same cause; an outbreak in a country where people can pay anything to get this miracle vaccine. And of course once this comes to pass, don’t expect that vaccine to run 20 or even 50 dollars. Why charge 50 dollars when people, or governments, are willing to pay 500 or even 5,000 for it?

It’s not unfair to say that the financial interest of vaccine manufacturers, as well as their stockholders, is to see an Ebola outbreak in a rich nation, such as the US. That wouldn’t be all that difficult to pull off either. These exact same companies already have the virus as a part of their research materials. Watching those Ebola strains accidentally or even accidentally on purpose, released to the public is not something that’s unimaginable. Some scientists have even openly called for it!

Dr. Charles Arntzen was asked about how to reduce the population of the earth and this Ebola vaccine researcher asked if anyone had seen “Contagion”. He suggested that scientist go out and use genetic engineering to create a better virus. There are quite a few scientists who think that Ebola would be a good way to save Mother Earth from human beings. Imagine what might happen if one of these scientists should decide to take action, instead of just think about it. Read more if ebola virus was  intentially created by US scientist.

Don’t think for one minute that there aren’t insane or dishonest people in the drug industry who would consider attempting a deliberate release of this virus. This is a business that is immersed in repeated criminal behavior and unethical acts. You should note that one of the main companies involved in the research of the Ebola vaccine has a criminal record of committing felony crimes. That’s plural, crimes.

Unfortunately, the general public has been tricked into thinking that companies that produce vaccines do so in the best interests of the public. That’s simply not true. Their only real interest lies in making the biggest profit possible, at any cost.

We are just one vial, one accident, away from a true pandemic outbreak here in the USA, soon to be followed by skyrocketing stock prices and windfall profits for drug companies. Could there be someone just crazy enough or wicked enough to intentionally cause an Ebola outbreak for profit? No doubt about it.

Source: Naturalnews.com