Everything You Need To Know About Sunscreen This Summer

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2. Vitamin A in sunscreen could speed up the beginning of skin cancer

Vitamin A has been added to sunscreen products and many cosmetics. Do not use any sunscreen that lists vitamin A as one of its ingredients.


3. High SPF listings could be incorrect

Be aware of what SPF number your sunscreen is and act accordingly. It was found that people who used sunscreen with higher SPF numbers used too little and didn’t reapply it as often as they should because they assumed they were sufficiently covered.


4. Sunscreens don’t prevent all kinds of damage from the sun

The one thing sunscreen does do is prevent sunburns, but not any other kinds of damage to the skin.


5. You will find more effective sunscreens from European brands

Europe has stronger forms of sunscreen because they have access to four chemicals that the US is not allowed to add to their sunscreens yet. They will not be available in the United States until the FDA approves them.

6. You must keep track of your vitamin D if you stay out of the sun

Whenever you are exposed to the sun your body will produce vitamin D, so if you do not go out in the sun you need to make sure you are not deficient in this vitamin.


7. Some of the ingredients in sunscreen my cause allergies and affect hormones

The ingredients that are in sunscreen that could cause allergies and affect your hormones have been grandfathered in so the FDA allows them. Try to avoid sunscreen that has oxybenzone in it as it could be harmful.

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