Some Facts About Sugar Which Are Not So Sweet

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Artificial sweeteners

There are many of these sweeteners on the market, and there is a great demand by consumers who want to cut down on sugar intake.

Artificial sweeteners offer the illusion of a sugar-taste without the calories. However, it comes with some negative baggage, and can cause a few health issues.

Some of these sweeteners have a taste that is up to 400 times sweeter than sugar. This is great for the taste buds, which are stealthily being trained to want a greater amount of sweeter foods included in the diet. This may lead to obesity, diabetes, kidney problems, heart disease and more.

Unlike natural sweeteners such as maple syrup and molasses, which contain a certain amount of nutrients, the artificial products are absolutely devoid of any goodness.

Sucralose is the most common artificial sweetener which is used worldwide. It is absolutely calorie free, has no digestive side effects, and because it is stable when heated it can be used in baking and to sweeten cooked foods.

A worldwide epidemic

Sugar consumption, especially refined sugar, and the related products are known to be among the worst killer-foods of this century and has reached global epidemic proportions.

All sugars are dangerous and addictive, and to stay healthy you need to constantly monitor your sugar intake.

Always read the labels of store-bought food products, many of which have high amounts of hidden sugar content, often cleverly described as “energy.”

Avoid any which claim high amounts of so-called energy!!!




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