First Ebola Transmission Outside of Africa Confirmed in Spain

A member of a medical team in Spain, specially trained to treat those with Ebola in a modern day hospital, has been confirmed to have contracted this deadly disease in Spain from a patient they were treating.

A female nurse, as of yet unnamed, was treating a 69 year old priest who died from Ebola in Spain, after being flown back from Sierra Leone. Madrid is now the first European city where Ebola has spread on its own, far, far away from Africa.


Photo credit: naturalnews

The infected nurse was part of a medical team that was treating a priest named Manuel Garcia Viejo, who died on September 25th from this disease. The nurse was part of a team that was treating Ebola patients returning from West Africa. She had also treated another priest but it is believe that she became infected from Mr. Viejo.

According to the Spanish media, this nurse is unmarried and about 40 years of age. It appears she only went into Mr. Viejo’s room twice; once to assist in his care and the last time to clean the room after he had died. She wore the special protective clothing the hospital provided both times.

The Centers for Disease Control in the United States insists that Ebola can only be spread through direct contact with infected fluids from a patient. This explanation does not hold up to scrutiny, however. If Ebola is spread only through contact with body fluids, if it is “difficult to catch”, then how did this nurse in a modern hospital setting, well trained in dealing with the virus, manage to contract Ebola?

This nurse wasn’t using a power washer to clean vomit, as they did in Dallas. She would not touch drool, mucus, or vomit with her hands. She had special training in dealing with Ebola. Spanish health authorities are investing just how this nurse became infected.

After Mr. Viejo died, this nurse took a vacation, although it has not been reported where she went. On Sunday, October 5th, she checked into a public hospital in a suburb of Madrid with a fever and was immediately placed in quarantine.

It appears the government is confused by this incident. Although they had taken all necessary medical precautions, even though she was working in a modern day hospital, not a makeshift facility in West Africa, somehow this virus went from the victim to this nurse and managed to successfully infect her. The shock and surprise of this incident is quite obvious as everyone is shaking their heads and shrugging their shoulders.

The head of the CDC, Tom Frieden, keeps telling us that Ebola won’t spread in America because of our modern health care facilities and our specialized training. Well, this wasn’t enough to stop its spread in Spain and it makes you wonder what makes anyone think it will be any different in the US?

If all it takes is “modern health care facilities and specialized training” to stop Ebola from spreading then this confirmed infection in Spain contradicts that old line. Why doesn’t the CDC admit that Ebola is spreading through indirect contact as well, rather than continue this lie?