Top 5 Lies the Government and Media Want You to Believe About Ebola

The Federal Government and the mass media are working overtime lately to spread a lot of disinformation about Ebola in hopes of avoiding a mass panic. Although no one wants to see a general panic, the problem with their disinformation is that they are making this pandemic even worse. They aren’t telling you the truth about how Ebola is spread and how you can stop the transmission of the disease.
If you remember, just a few weeks ago we were assured by the President that the chances of Ebola coming here were very, very small. Now it’s here. Yesterday there was a huge news conference in Dallas telling us that the chances that it will spread were almost zilch. Today, we have news that there might be another case in Hawaii.

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

So when they tell you that this disease isn’t airborne or that persons are not contagious until they show symptoms, they expect us to believe this?
It seems as if every levels of government is simply trying to protect the interests of the drug companies rather than looking out for the public.
Take a look at the 5 lies that we are being told about the Ebola virus.

1. The chances of Ebola reaching the US is miniscule

Well, that lie went out the window when it was discovered that a patient in Dallas Texas has Ebola. And if that patient in Hawaii is confirmed to have Ebola, then this is one lie they will not be able to continue to talk about. This virus is already here and some top scientists are saying this is only the beginning.

2. Health authorities have everything under control

Right. They have it all under control? Then how did an infected patient fly into Dallas airport, walk around Dallas for 10 days, infecting who knows how many people, going to the hospital, telling the nurse he had been in Liberia, and then they release him back into the general public, how did this happen if they have things under control?
The truth is Ebola is still out of control, which is how it ended up in Dallas, and might be in Hawaii. Everyone is shocked that this happened but they shouldn’t be, unless they believe the lies the government is telling us! We are spending so much money on Homeland Security, frisking grandmothers in wheelchairs, while we let Ebola fly right in the open airport door.
While the government is telling the public that everything is under control, behind closed doors, everyone is aware that this pandemic could quickly become a killing machine that no one can stop.

3. Ebola is only spread through contact with body fluids

This is perhaps the worst lie of all, and it might cost millions of people their lives. Ebola can be spread through the air via airborne particles. It can also be spread through contact with contaminated surfaces. If an infected patient should touch a doorknob, handrail, or ATM keypad, they leave behind the virus, which can survive, depending on the conditions, for minutes, or even hours. When another person touches this same surface, they pick up the virus and can become contaminated when they then touch their eyes, mouth, or nose.
If this virus is only spread through direct contact with body fluids, then why has the government just bought more than 160,000 hazmat suits? Why would you quarantine anyone showing symptoms if it’s “difficult to catch”, as the health authorities are telling us?
This is how victims in Africa have become infected simply by riding in taxis. This means any form of public transportation, ambulances, subways, busses, taxis, and airplanes, can be a quick means of spreading this virus.
Like every virus known to man, Ebola is killed by direct sunlight but can live for surprising amounts of time in places where there is no sunlight, such as subways.

4. Ebola is not man made and is just a random component of nature

Todays’ version of a very aggressive Ebola virus is possibly a bioengineered virus. One scientist, who wrote a story in Liberia’s largest newspaper, Dr. Cyril Broderick, stated that he believes that Ebola is a GMO. He states that the existence of a component of an American Military-Medical unit, that conducts biological weapons testing, was going on in Africa, pretending to administer vaccines, but in actuality, they are testing this virus to use as a weapon.
There is some evidence to support Dr. Broderick’s claim of a GMO. The US government owns a patent on the virus. They received this patent in 2010. The patent number is CA2741523A1. This means that the American government has control over any research or vaccines since any research project would involve the use or replication of this virus and researchers would be violating the government’s patent.
This strain of Ebola has greatly increased its ability to be transmitted, compared to previous outbreaks of Ebola. Many people are certain that this strain has been genetically modified and then, somehow, broke through containment procedures or is being deployed as an experimental means of population control.
Don’t think this is too far “out there.” Several high ranking scientists have publically called for population control using a GM device. These scientists could soon get their wish. If Ebola continues as it has, unchecked, the population of the world might soon be in jeopardy as millions upon millions could die.
5. Your best chance for survival will be a vaccine or pharmaceutical drug

This lie is going to kill untold millions should this outbreak become worse. In order to make sure that the vaccine makers and drug companies get their profits, the CDC and the FDA censor information about natural treatments that might work, such as colloidal silver.
Several online companies that have offered beneficial, natural products such as colloidal silver or essential oils have been threatened by the FDA. The mainstream media goes right along with this, telling you all about the FDA’s threats and propaganda.
If the government and media really wanted to stop the spread of this virus, they would be giving citizens information about ways to boost their immune systems naturally, since this is the only defense against this virus, encouraging them to eat more nutritious foods, and posting information on their websites about natural antiviral herbs such as rosemary, cinnamon, peppermint, and oregano.
They should also be encouraging people to be sure they are getting sufficient levels of vitamin D, either through supplements, their diet, or supplements.
Instead of this, the only advice the feds and health officials dole out is the old “wash your hands” routine, combined with “wait for a vaccine”.

If you want to survive this pandemic, don’t wait. Prepare yourself now. Read our article about the top 10 steps you can take to protect yourself.



  1. Anand Singh

    Oct 3, 2014 at 5:27 pm

    who writes this trash lol

  2. JustLurkin

    Oct 18, 2014 at 10:54 pm

    What do I think about this article? Interesting or not? Oh, I find it interesting. Very interesting. In the same way that I find novels by Jules Verne, Robert Silverberg, Jim Butcher and Richard Castle interesting.

    Lord knows I don’t have time to dress down every handful of BS in this thing. So, I’ll just pick one: Cyril Broderick. Doctor? Of what? He is a Delaware State University associate professor who is a plant scientist. Carlos Holmes, a spokesman for DSU, has distanced the university from Broderick’s comments, stating that “there’s no research like that relating with pathogens and viruses taking place in Delaware State University” and, further, that Broderick’s comments “have nothing to do with any research that is taking place at [DSU].”

    DSU said that it won’t interfere with the free speech rights of [Broderick] who wrote a wildly speculative and conspiratorial article.

    In an interview, Broderick defended himself by saying, “There are many reference to what was contained in my letter. You may read the letter and double-check the sources listed. They are available and legitimate.”

    Yeah, except that they aren’t legitimate in the eyes of many, since several are known conspiracy web sites. Further, one credits the web site of a British newspaper with a quote that appears to have never been printed by that paper. So, not only are a number of the sources iffy, at least one apparently is an out and out fabrication.

    Convinced that Broderick is a creditable scientist and that NatureOn is giving us the unvarnished truth? Well researched? Hard facts? No speculation? Yeah. Right.