Ebola Has Arrived in the US – 10 Ways to Prepare and Protect Yourself

Photo credit: naturalnews

Photo credit: naturalnews

Today the CDC has confirmed what we knew was coming all along; this killer virus has now arrived in America.

A patient has turned up in the Dallas Presbyterian Hospital and it was confirmed yesterday afternoon that he did indeed carry the Ebola virus from Africa to the US via airplane. It’s entirely possible that he has spread it to others.

This announcement was withheld from the public until the CDC could confirm that this patient did indeed have the Ebola virus. In a news conference held on Tuesday, it was confirmed that this patient had traveled to Liberia and then returned to the US where he walked around in his normal daily routine for 10 days before he was diagnosed with Ebola.

So during this 10 day period, he possibly spread this virus to others. The incubation time of this virus is 2 to 21 days so we won’t know if anyone else has been infected for about another 3 weeks.

The CDC is now trying to identify all the people that this Ebola patient might have come into contact with over the past 10 days. This patient has school aged children, but it isn’t known if these children attended school. The patient, his family, and everyone he has had contact with is being identified and then quarantined for the next three weeks. As of this writing the patient has been described as critical, but stable.

Apparently this patient had gone to the emergency room of this same hospital complaining of severe flu like symptoms but was merely given antibiotics and sent home, even though he told the nurses that he had been in Liberia. The CDC and hospital staff is attempting to find out why this vital piece of information was not passed along and why this patient was released September 26th.

All the while, the US government remains in a complete state of denial about the possible risk of a pandemic infection. Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that President Obama said that the chances of Ebola coming to America were highly unlikely? Well, folks, it’s here!

Texas health officials have said that they are well prepared to handle Ebola infections but they released their first Ebola patient back to the public, even after he admitted that he had recently been in Liberia! Just how prepared is that?

Even if this one case is quickly contained, they have already proven that infected people can simply walk, or in this case, fly, right into the US with no problem, no questions, no effort at all. The US government is completely unprepared to deal with this virus. This patient has shattered the illusion that America is somehow immune from an Ebola outbreak. Everyone at the federal level is scrambling to try to find ways to be sure this doesn’t happen again, but the problem is, they can’t stop it. It’s already here and it’s spreading beyond the control of any hospital, any health department, or any government.

The CDC is trying to reassure the American people that they can keep everything under their control but how can they control the next person walking around with this virus? And the one after that?

If you want to be safe from this virus you need to plan ahead and prepare right now! Start with these top 10 steps today.

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