10 Everyday Foods That Can Kill You

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Ok, so you know that eating certain foods that contain toxic chemicals can cause various chronic diseases as well as cancer, which could kill you over time, but did you know that certain very common foods could kill you in a matter of minutes?

It’s true! We don’t generally think about this, or even know about this, because we eat small amounts, but you really should know what is these foods are.

Take a look at the 10 common foods that have the potential to kill you very, very quickly.


1. Potatoes

Right about now you are giving your French fries or mashed potatoes a suspicious look, aren’t you? Well, don’t worry, they are probably safe. However, green versions of potatoes; contain a natural toxin called solanine. If you think that greenish color simply means your potato is just not quite ripe, think again. In this case, green does NOT mean go! Yes, the greenish tint on your potato is chlorophyll, but for potatoes, this also means that high concentrations of solanine are present in that French fry of the future. Solanine is a dangerous nerve toxin that is produced in any green part of the potato, that includes leaves, stems, and any green part of the potato. In fact, the leaves from potato plant are high in glycoalkaloids, another deadly poison, so do not ever eat the leaves, nor give them to animals.

Solanine develops in potatoes when they are exposed to sunlight, or extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. If you should eat the leaves or a green potato, it causes vomiting, headaches, and complete paralysis of the central nervous system. Find out also benefits of potatoes.

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  1. alaskaman

    Oct 25, 2014 at 3:52 am

    10 everyday foods? Since when is fugu or puffer fish everyday food?