These Foods Will Boost Your Psychological Well-Being

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Diet and mental health

Most people know that fruits and vegetables are the basics of good health, but what is much less known is that the benefits are not limited to physical well-being only.

New research, conducted by the Department of Psychology at the University of Otago, New Zealand, found that young adults who were given extra fruit and veggies each day for 14 days experienced a major boost in motivation, mood, and vitality.

Two other groups were given less, or no extra fruits or vegetables. The results were very different at the end of the 14 days with no visible mood or motivational feelings apparent in either of the groups who just ate normally.

To ensure that all things were equal at the beginning of the study, all participants were evaluated for mood, vitality, motivation, and symptoms of depression or anxiety.

The studies further revealed that just a moderate increased intake of fruit and veggies may lower the risk of stress, especially among women.

Stress can take a toll on mental health, and have many negative impacts on physical health.


What is good health exactly?

The world we live in today causes most people to interpret good health as having a perfect body, and no illness or ailments worth mentioning. The television and magazine articles with pictures of perfect people make no mention of any good mental health issues.

Many people are reluctant to discuss mental problems, but in reality good health is a combination of both body and mind feelings of well-being.

You may work very hard to attain that perfect body-shape – which is only temporary at best- while neglecting your mental health which has to last you the rest of your life.

Focus on your mental health with the same fervour as you do the physical, and the first step is to make sure that you follow a healthy diet.

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