Fun Fat-Burning Activities That Don’t Feel Like Exercise!


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We all know that getting regular exercise is important for keeping our weight in check, burning fat and reaping numerous health benefits. Everyone knows that they should try to get some exercise most days, but knowing you should do it and actually doing it … that’s something else.

Are you bored doing the same old exercise routine at the same old gym day after day?  Do you dread seeing the same sweaty guys, the same gum-popping girls —  the same thing day after day?

Time to shake things up! What better time to get moving outside than the good old summertime?!  We have 12 fantastic ways to burn fat and calories and get your heart rate going. And you won’t even feel like you’re exercising!

Keep reading: One of these fun-filled activities is sure to appeal to you! Try one or try all of them for a super fat burning summer filled with fun for you and your entire family.


1. Hiking

This activity combines both cardio and strength-training in one fun exercise. Hiking burns almost as many calories as jogging, but it is certainly much more fun!  With the right circumstances, hiking can be very challenging, and you can really work up a good sweat. Hiking in the mountains can also offer tremendous stress relief as the sights and sounds of nature provide a break for the mind. Hiking works the legs, abs and butt muscles as well improves cardiovascular endurance. You can find a book or website that shows all the local hiking sites in your area along with their level of difficulty. Hiking can burn about 225 calories an hour, so what’s stopping you?


2. Bike Riding

Remember how much you loved riding your bike when you were a kid? Bike riding hasn’t changed! It is still fun and exciting. Cycling helps get rid of belly fat and tones all the muscles in the lower half of your body. It is also a terrific cardiovascular workout and raises your metabolism. The great thing about bike riding is that you can do it almost anywhere! You can ride through the city, ride through parks, mountain biking or even ride  on bike paths right in front of the ocean.


3. Kayaking

Move your workout routine to the water.  Kayaking makes for a beautiful but challenging cardiovascular workout. If you have ever used the rowing machine at your local gym, then you know what a real workout rowing can be! Kayaking works the arms, back, shoulders and core muscles. Kayaking on a lake, river or ocean bay can make for a beautiful outing — not to mention, you can burn more than 250 calories an hour!

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