Got Super Dry Hands? We Have 12 Super Solutions! (#3 is KindaWeird)

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Sometimes it’s hard to say which is more active, your feet or your hands. Both are super busy all day long but your hands tend to be in water several times each day and unless you work at a pool, your feet, not so much.

All that washing and exposure to soap, sun, chemicals, and the super dry air from heaters and air conditioners can quickly make your hands look dry, feel rough, and make you look older than you actually are.

Sometimes, no matter how much hand lotion you use, your hands can still be dry and rough due to medical conditions such as eczema or due to prescription drugs, or even allergies, which can make your skin flake and itch.

Don’t give up hope, however. There are some natural remedies that can give your hands some real nourishment so you can enjoy softer, younger looking hands in a matter of days.

Keep reading so you can spend your weekend holding hands with your loved ones and not be embarrassed about your rough, dry skin.


1. Lemon Juice

This might sound a bit strange, but lemon juice is not only a great cleanser, but it will soften your hands as well as lighten up the skin tone, diminishing any age spots you might have.

Mix equal parts of honey, baking soda, and lemon juice. Massage this mixture onto your hands for about 1 minute. Allow it to stay on your hands for 5 minutes so the lemon juice can do its work, and then rinse your hands in warm water. Repeat this two or three times each week for soft, beautiful hands.

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