Grow Your Own Lemon Air Freshener at Home!

Ripe lemon hangs on tree branch in sunshine.

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Sprouting Your Lemon Seed

1.  Moisten your potting soil

The easiest way is to pour your soil into a large bucket and add water, mixing with your hands, until the soil is wet all the way through.

2. Fill the container

Put the damp potting soil in your container/pot and leave about one inch of space from the rim of your container.

3. Slice the lemon

Cut your lemon and look through the seeds. Find one or two that look like they are fat and full of life. Put the seed(s) in your mouth and suck on them until the entire lemon flavor is gone. Your seed must never dry out or it will never sprout. Leave the seed in your mouth until you are ready to plant it.

4. Planting time

Put your seeds(s) in the pot, about ½ an inch into the soil. Cover it with soil and water it well with a gentle watering can or even a squirt bottle set on “mist”.

5. Cover the pot

Cover your pot/container with a piece of plastic, such as kitchen plastic wrap or a garbage bag, and poke a few small holes in the top with a fork or a toothpick so the pot can breathe. Use a rubber band to keep the plastic in place.

6. Put the container in the sun

Put your plant in a warm spot, like a sunny window, and watch it over the next few days. Your seed needs to be kept damp and warm in order for your seed to sprout. Too much heat will fry your seed and too much wetness could drown it. You want it warm and moist but not too much of either. Try to keep a nice balance.

7.  Seedling time!

In just 2 weeks’ time, you should begin to see a little green sprout come up from the soil in your pot. Once you see it, you can remove the plastic. Be sure your little guy is getting lots of sun or is under your grow light.

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