Grow Your Own Unlimited Supply Of This Spice (It’s Wicked Easy To Do!)

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We want to talk for a bit about how to water your turmeric so that it grows and doesn’t rot. Turmeric loves water so keep it moist, especially if you live in a hot climate. Most people water their turmeric roots every other day. If you live in a colder climate or if it’s the winter months and not so hot, you might be able to cut back to twice a week. The trick here is to keep the soil moist but not soggy. Turmeric will rot if you let it sit in water. Your turmeric will also grow much faster if you give it some compost tea or give it a general all-purpose fertilizer once a month.

Your turmeric roots will grow a pretty little plant and while the leaves and stems are edible (you can make tea from them) it’s the roots that most people want. It will take between 8 and 10 months for your turmeric plant to mature. So for those of you who live in a very cold climate, plant your roots indoors around February or March, move outside after all danger of frost has passed, and then harvest just before the first frost or bring them inside for another month or so. Pull the entire plant up, roots and all. Harvest the roots you want, but keep two or three (or however many pots you want to start again) for replanting. You can dump the dirt from the pots out in the garden as your turmeric will have sucked up all the nutrients from the soil.

Keep your turmeric roots in a cold, dry place, such as a basement or outdoor shed. Plant the rhizomes you want to keep in the early spring once again. To use the roots as a spice, wash off the dirt and boil the roots for about 45 minutes. Allow them to dry in a cool, dark place for another week. Now put on some gloves and peel your roots. (Unless you would like bright yellow hands, wear gloves!) Afterwards, you can grind the roots or save them for slicing later on or use them anyway you like.


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This ensures that you will have a continuous supply of turmeric on hand for just pennies. This same procedure can be repeated every year, over and over. Put a root in a pretty pot and give some away as gifts.

Enjoy your health and enjoy your organic turmeric!


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