Healthy U.S. Cities To Consider Living In

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Being healthy has become a bit of a phenomenon lately – it seems that everyone is trying to diet, detox, build muscle, or become a healthier person. It’s all good – but it seems that some people really do have it easier when it comes to their weight (and we’re not talking about genetics either). The city you live in may well be playing a role when it comes to how healthy you are now. Accessibility to fresh food, organic food, opportunities for exercise, and a clean environment are just some of the criteria that have been found to make the following cities healthier than others.

Living in the country doesn’t necessarily mean one is going to be healthier than the either. Even though time in nature and living close to green spaces has been linked to reduced stress, rural living has its downfalls as well. Rural residents tend to have higher rates of obesity and higher rates of accidental deaths or suicide. On the other hand, city residents have higher occurrences of asthma, allergies, and depression. The cities below have been identified as healthy for their balance of both green spaces and urban accessibility, meaning that they have all amenities residents need within a reasonable walking radius and have plenty of designated green spaces for residents to enjoy.


1. Honolulu, Hawaii

The laid-back culture and fresh food in Hawaii make this capital city an ideal place for those that are looking to live healthy. The natural beauty of Hawaii invites residents to always be outside and exploring, whether it is in the ocean or taking long hikes to see the many views the island has to offer. Voted “The Best Place for Lifelong Health” in 2017, Honolulu is also a great spot for vegans and vegetarians as the island has many local foods to offer that keep the diet entertaining.

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