How Many Toxins Can You Buy for One Dollar?

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Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Everyone wants to get more than they paid for something, and that’s not a bad thing. This is the reason people love to shop at sales events, scour discount racks, and flock to yard sales and second hand stores. It’s also the reason why it seems as if those one dollar stores are popping up on every corner. Why pay $3 or $5 for a dishcloth you know will wear out in year when you can get a dishcloth for a buck? And for those who are on a tight budget, the dollar store can be a real lifesaver!

However, sometimes you get what you pay for. Americans need to be a little more wary when it comes to their shopping habits and stop assuming that simply because an item was imported into the US that it’s perfectly safe.

A recent test performed by HealthyStuff, an organization that looks into toxic chemicals that are found in everyday items and food stuffs, found that of the 164 dollar store items tested, an astonishing amount contained toxic chemicals, heavy metals, BPA’s, polyvinyl chloride plastic, and phthalates.

Perhaps you have heard of some recalls of pet food items that contained toxins, and not just an unacceptable amount, but in enough quantities that they actually killed a few pets. Imagine if that happened with some of the foodstuffs sold at these dollar stores?

HealthyStuff found that more than 80 percent of the products tested from various dollar stores contained at least one toxic chemical in a high enough amount to cause concern and many products had more than just one. Many of these chemicals are linked to birth defects, cancer, and learning disabilities. Although these items are supposed to be checked against a list for hazardous chemicals before they are imported, someone is not doing their job. When companies can find more than 133 items in one store that contain toxic chemicals, something is definitely wrong.

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