How Much Screen Time Is Okay For Teens?

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What can you do to monitor your children?

With the AAP acknowledging that children younger than 2 years old are beginning to seek entertainment on the Internet, you may want to establish some ground rules from the very beginning.

  • Clearly define what screen time is acceptable at each age group
  • Decide in advance how much time each child is allowed
  • Make sure you are aware of exactly what your children are doing on the Internet. Every day another child becomes victim to a possible sexual predator misrepresenting themselves to children. Luckily. many find that they are talking to undercover cops, but children are susceptible to anyone who preys on their lack of awareness.
  • Try to make good use of the time with smaller children who are more interested in learning things on the Internet.
  • Make sure that sites that children should not use are blocked on their computers. One slip of the keys and your child may happen upon a site that he or she is not ready, for and you will be in uncharted territory.

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