How to Naturally Quiet a Cough: 7 Easy Tips

Everybody knows that cough is nothing like a definite disease, but a signal that shows some imbalance is presenting in our bodies. As there are many different types of coughs correspondingly there are many ways how to naturally quiet a cough. Find a treatment that works best of all for you but don’t hesitate to consult with a specialist in a case your cough is getting stronger and never goes away.

Considerations on how to naturally cure and prevent a cough:

  • Proper diet

It is easy to remember: everything that is harmful to us in general can be much more harmful when the immune system is broken. Starches, sugar and dairy products produce mucus inside our bodies and are extremely undesirable to be consumed while trying to relieve a cough. Ginger, garlic, oregano and red bell peppers are usually the residents of every immune-boosting foods list. Incorporating them into your daily ration will strengthen natural powers to fight any disorder including cough.

  • Environment

Refuse from all the cleaning chemistry and strictly avoid any smokes or fumes that might be harmful!

  • Herbal prevention

From all the healing herbs there are some specializing in cough curing. Try infusions of horehound, marshmallow and mullein. Coltsfoot tea is especially beneficial for annoying scratchy cough!

how to quiet a cough

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Ways how to naturally relieve cough at home:

  • Lemon

Immediate relief is promised by this folk method. Sprinkle a piece of lemon with some salt and pepper and suck it until cough quiets.

  • Almond

Some ancient beliefs tell almond is good for solving any bronchial disorders. Blend several teaspoons of almonds with a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice. Sip it slowly for relief.

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  • Black pepper tea

Surprisingly this recipe turns out to be a crossroad of New England folk medical traditions and Chinese medical practice. Black pepper helps mucus to flow and honey which is another ingredient of this tea is a soft natural antibiotic. Put 1 teaspoon of freshly ground pepper with 2 teaspoons of honey into hot water. Leave covered for another 15 minutes, strain and sip slowly to cure your cough.

  • Honey, lemon and flax

Homemade syrup cooked out of these three superfoods is really effective. Bring to a boil 3 tablespoons of flaxseed with a cup of water until water thickens. Strain patiently (do not overcook the mixture as it will be a problem to strain it then) and add 3 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice (of course it is better to use organic lemons) and honey. Take 1 tablespoon whenever you feel the cough is near or to quiet a cough that already started.


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