Natural Ways to Unclog Your Nose: 5 Releasing Techniques to Let you Breathe in Deeply

Stuffy nose can be life-threatening to new-born babies and merely uncomfortable and annoying to adults. It may signal about the cold or flu infection flowing in your body but it will hardly trouble for longer than a week or two. Or it may hint to the allergy which is difficult to get passed away through entire life. Regardless of any causes, there are natural ways to unclog your nose and bring the relief by avoiding the chemicals. 

unclog nose naturally

Photo credit: wikimedia

1. Leave that nose alone

When the nose is really stuffy and there is no way you can blow it all out, it is better to stay away from the tissues and stop putting all that energy into nose clearing. Repeated and hard blowing may harm the delicate membranes inside your nostrils and lead to inflammation or increased stuffiness. At first, it might be difficult to keep away from clearing the nose, but you will feel much better and less annoyed if you blow your nose less.


2. Try hanging it in the wind

One of the untypical but natural ways to clear a stuffy nose is suggested by WikiHow. The method is about tricking your nose. Make a deep breath in, then breathe out slowly, and hold your breath. Clutch your nose with the fingers so you cannot breathe out accidentally. Then move your head slowly up and down spending about 2 seconds to look up at the sky and then the other 2 seconds to look at your feet. Sway your head in such manner back and forth until you feel like you cannot wait another second to breathe in again. At that very moment your nose is likely to get unclogged. Basically, clogged nose is caused by the increased blood flow in the nose area. The method works because at some point your brain gets to realize that you need to breathe and it lessens the blood flow to your nose, the nasal passages open and your nose gets unclogged.


3. Warm yourself up

People with a stuffy nose are advised to keep their hands and feet warm. Some people tend to take a shower every now and again. Warm water and steam work as humidifiers – they make the mucus in the nose thin and reduce the inflammation. As the result, you clear a stuffy nose naturally. The same principle works when you keep your nose over a pan with boiling water (but be careful and don’t burn your face).


4. Hot pack for the nose

Another natural way to unclog your nose is by packing it with warm things. The best appreciated method is to wet a washcloth with really hot water, get to lie down, and lay the cloth over your nose. Doing this, try to cover the sinuses only and leave the nostrils clear. You might need to do a few rounds to get a good result. There are some traditional variations of hot packing. Some people advise to use two boiled eggs (in the shells) while they are hot (but not burning hot) and keep them tight to your nose. Others suggest putting warm boiled skinned potatoes to both of the nose wings. These are absolutely safe methods as long as you keep the temperature under control.


5. Saline spray usage

Saline spraying is a safe method which does not only flushes any mucus away, but it also soothes the inflammation in your nose as well as washes bacteria away. You can make your own nasal spray by mixing a quarter of a teaspoon of salt with a cup of warm water. Step-by-step guide to use the saline nasal spray is the following:

  • Lean over a sink so that the tip of your nose points down to the drain (to let the salty water run easily out of your nose).
  • Spray the mixture carefully into only one nostril first and let it drain completely from your nose. Then spray the saline into the other nostril in the same manner.
  • Repeat the spraying twice or three times a day.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Clean and chemicals-free water is always good for your body, and some extra portions will be, by no doubts, beneficial. Warm fluids seem to be working best for the majority of people, so consider drinking herbal teas or having broths and soups.

Other natural ways to clear a stuffy nose include the advices to rest in the upright position, eat spicy foods, chew mint leaves, smell the raw peeled onion, and there are surely those for who these methods work best. But Temple University warns that you should know when to call the doctor and gives the list of cases.