How to Naturally Alkalize Water at Home: Step by Step Guide

Consisting mostly of water we should definitely care about what type of water gets in daily. Proponents say alkaline water prevents premature senility and unhealthy cravings, adds energy and accelerate regenerating processes that’s why it is useful to now how to naturally alkalize water.

 Lots of companies suggest various convenient decisions to make water alkaline all over your house, but usually those are not cheap. Unfortunately our tap water is a trivial mixture of antibiotics, chlorine and some metals that do not benefit our health at all. A crucial balance of acid and alkali in our organism is something you’ve definitely heard about. When acid prevail over alkali we more often feel exhaustion, may gain extra weight and have problems with digestion. Acidity rises because of the abuse of meat, dairy products and processed carbohydrates. Alkaline medium neutralizes stored toxins and helps to improve immune system, Mayoclinic suggets some tips on how to define the power of your current immunization status.

alkalize water naturally

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Before you start measure the present pH level of water you’re going to alkalize. Common index is around 7, though ideal pH is from 8 to 9. As far as you learned these numbers you are ready to alkalize.

Here are some ways to alkalize water naturally:

  • You may ask how an acidic lemon might help in alkalizing water? The answer is lemons are naturally anionic and as a result of reaction that happens in your body when lemon water gets in alkalizing happens. For 1 pitcher of clean water take 1 organic lemon cut into eights and optionally some natural sea salt for mineralization. Mix everything and leave overnight at room temperature. Start your day with a couple of naturally alkalized water and feel it’s impact.


  • The simplest and the most inexpensive method to alkalize water at home is with the help of the baking soda. Prepare a glass jug with a tight fix on the top filled with filtered or distilled water. Add a teaspoon of baking soda and shake the jug until you feel soda is dissolved and check how pH changed with a strip. If necessary add more soda.


The best solution might be finding a natural spring somewhere near. Though it may sound surreal now it can be easily done with a website created for this purpose only. Check it out!


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  1. Beach Potato

    Jun 12, 2017 at 1:54 pm

    Adding baking soda will raise your blood pressure, best to do the lemon trick.