How to Naturally Treat Depression: 7 Easy Principles to Follow

Studies showed that 20 millions of Americans suffer from depression. Unfortunately most of them don’t try anyhow to naturally treat their depression. Obviously visiting a doctor is an important step to start with, but there are some natural treatments that will help you to feel so much better.

  • Useful routine

When you are depressed structure of your day is being negotiated and doesn’t seem important. Doctor Ian Cook, MD, from UCLA advices to follow a mild timetable, so one day won’t just turn to another.

  • Responsibility

Usually a person caught by depression tries to avoid any relationship because he seems to himself not good enough for any business to share with somebody. The truth is any tiny responsibilities literally keep us alive as we feel needed. Volunteer or part-time work naturally gives a sense of accomplishment that helps depression greatly. To start with try to set daily goals from easy ones to more challenging as you have progress.

treat depression naturally

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  • Exercise

During physical activity endorphins are produced in our bodies that bring the feeling of satisfaction and joy. Regular exercises don’t necessarily mean spending two hours in a gym daily! A research published in “Oxford Journals” in 2007 called yoga a “promising intervention for depression.” National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience set up an experiment and as a result it occurred that more than 70 % of people who practiced sudarshan kriya during the study ( a type of yoga accenting on breathing exercises through the nose) got rid of their depression. Though not all the specialists agree that yoga helps to treat depression, most of them are unanimous about the benefit of walking. As study published in “Archives of Internal Medicine” has shown – 30 minute walks five times a week will elevate your mood working like any aerobic movements. Even small portioned, but regular physical activity rises our self-esteem and naturally helps depression.

  • Almost magic diet

Of course changing your diet radically won’t work perfectly without exercises or particular mental work but can assist greatly. First of all try to refuse from heavy doses of sweets, caffeine and alcohol to say it short – all products that affect our mood immediately. Psychiatrist and director of the Depression Research and Clinic Program at UCLA, Ian Cooks says that foods rich in Omega-3 and folic acid really work. Switch from butter to olive oil and add nuts, berries, fresh vegetables, legumes and greens to your daily ration to treat your depression easily and naturally.

  • Mental work

Most of work you have to keep doing is mental here, so take primitive logic as your ally. Considering yourself to be the worst man on the whole planet can’t have any real proof, imply logic chains to your thoughts and you’ll see the progress.

  • New

Try something new all the time. Remember, when being a kid new was a synonym of unknown joy and fun. Keep discovering new things to do! Try learning a new language or just take a different road to supermarket and watch how much it helps your depression.

  • School of fun

However strange it sounds you should learn how to have fun from the very beginning. Ian Cook advices to create a list of activities, movies or books that used to be funny for you. Though things from the list might not turn funny at once again, you shouldn’t give up! Cook a healthy dinner and invite old friends of yours or visit somebody yourself.