How To Treat An Infection Of Your Innie Or Outie (Especially After Piercing!)

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4. Neem Oil

The great thing about neem oil is that it works well on both bacterial infections and yeast infections. Neem, sometimes called Indian Lilac, has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic compounds that can help with the itching, burning, and it can even prevent this infection from spreading. You can make a paste from dried neem leaves and apply it to the infected area, or add two drops of neem oil to a tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil and apply it to the belly button area and allow it to sit overnight.


5.  Think Clean And Dry

In order to encourage healing and prevent the yeast or bacteria from growing, you need to keep the area both clean and dry. Simply wash your belly button  with soap and hot water when you take a shower. Later, dry out the area with a towel or cotton ball. Avoid using creams or lotions which can clog pores. If you want to keep the area moisturized, or try some coconut oil!


6. Calendula

Calendula (sometimes called marigold) has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic compounds, but it is also super hydrating, which can go a long way towards soothing the itching and irritation that often comes with infected belly buttons. Calendula will also encourage healing. You can crush two or three fresh calendula flowers and extract the juice and apply it to the area twice a day. Alternately, if you can’t find fresh calendula flowers, use a lotion or ointment that contains calendula and apply as directed.

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