Make Your Own Homemade Healthy Green Powder

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Who doesn’t need more greens in their lives? Everyone can benefit from green veggies, but how many of us really eat as many as we should? If you aren’t using green powder, maybe it’s time that you did! All it takes is about two teaspoons each day.

Think of green powder as a multivitamin on steroids. Green powder offers you all the vitamins and minerals of a multivitamin, but they it also includes probiotics, prebiotic, disease preventing antioxidants, and nutrients for detoxification.

Those two teaspoons of green powder can offer as much as 81 of the vital ingredients that the body needs every day.  You can add green powder to your green smoothies, fruit smoothies, salads, soups, eggs, hamburger, casseroles, and lasagna, even just plain water suddenly becomes a power drink when you add green powder!

One of the main problems with green powder is the cost. If you really want to use it, but have a hard time forking over the dough for a can of green powder, you are not alone. Also, who can really be sure of the ingredients in any store bought powder?

Save a small fortune and make your own green powder! You will be surprised at just how easy it is! All you really need is a food processor (a blender might work but a food processors really grind into a fine powder) and an airtight container.

Keep reading to find out exactly how you can make your own fresh green powder.

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