Make It Yourself All Natural Herbal Glycerin Soap

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Now that you have everything you need, let’s get started.


Herbal Glycerin Soap


  • Cut the bar of glycerin soap into small cubes so it will melt more quickly. You don’t have to use the entire bar if you want to make smaller batches, or if you want to make different scents.
  • Using the double boiler, melt the soap over medium heat
  • Once the soap is completely melted (be very careful because it will be very hot) add your essential oils. Add about 10 drops for every ounce of soap you are melting.  Stir slowly to stop bubbles from forming. A few are alright, but if you have too many bubbles the soap won’t be as pretty.
  • Put your leaves, flowers, or herbs in the molds, then carefully pour the soap into the molds.
  • Allow them to sit for about 2 hours or until they are fully hard.
  • Pop your soap out of the mold and put in the container of your choice.


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See? It really can be that easy! These are so pretty, you are going to want to make some for every holiday and every gift!  It doesn’t get much better than natural, sweet smelling, handmade herbal soap. Enjoy!


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