Make It Yourself All Natural Herbal Glycerin Soap

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Some of the best things you can make are those that you enjoy yourself, but are nice enough to give as gifts. Making your own herbal glycerin soap is a great way to treat yourself, while eliminating the need for soaps that contain additives we don’t want, such as triclosan. Many of the so-called soaps on the market today really aren’t soap at all, but mixtures of chemicals that imitate soaps. If you or someone in your family have dry skin or bad reactions to those “beauty bars” or “ body washes” then you will really love this gentle, all natural soap that contains healing essential oils and natural herbs.

It’s not nearly as difficult to make soap as you might believe. In fact, once you start making it, you might find it’s a rather habit forming and fun hobby! You will find yourself experimenting with different herbs and oils and buying new molds. Read more about beauty oils.

You don’t need any special equipment either. You can buy special molds to make pretty shapes, but even simple plastic containers will do, such as old Tupperware. If you like smaller soaps, you can even use ice cube trays! Beside the molds, you will need a double boiler and an airtight container for storing your soap.

Are you ready? If you have your double boiler and molds, it’s time to start collecting the herbs and flowers you wish to use. Almost anything will do, use your favorite! Be aware that some flowers will change color once they are in the soap. You might want to start off with some favorites such as rose petals, dried hibiscus flowers, juniper berries, eucalyptus leaves, lavender flowers, dried rosemary leaves, or dried citrus fruit peels.

Once you have your herbs, go to your local craft store and buy a block of glycerin soap base. These are sold in every craft store so you won’t have any trouble finding this ingredient, and they are fairly inexpensive.  If you would like to add some essential oils, be sure you have them on hand so you will be ready to go.

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