Mold… Plenty Of Ways To Keep It From Reoccurring!

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BONUS TIPS! Read on even more of daily strategies to avoid mold from appearing.

  1. If you have a vent fan (and yet are the mold problem), you apparently need to use it more frequently, than you do at the moment. The advice is to keep the vent fan on for a few hours after taking a shower to prevent moisture from condensing on the walls.
  2. Heat helps to dry the air. So, if you have a heater in the bathroom, preheat it just 20-30 minutes before the time you plan to take a shower or a bath.
  3. If you select paint, make your choice wisely. If mold has always been an issue for you in your house, consider the fact, that a matted paint surface is more porous and therefore more prone to mold. So, the shinier the paint, the better. Also, many paints these days have a mold inhibitor incorporated into them, so you can look for that as well.

Stay safe, let the air be fresh in your house, and the house be mold-free!



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