Mother Nature’s Amazing Antibiotics: No Prescription Needed

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Prescription antibiotics have become one of the plagues of our modern times. This doesn’t mean that antibiotics are bad; on the contrary, they can literally be lifesavers at times. It’s the overuse and unnecessary use of antibiotics that is the problem. As a result, many people have lowered their natural immunity to infections by destroying their healthy levels of bacteria in their digestive system. You can naturally kill infections without destroying your digestive system with natural antibiotics from Mother Nature.

Many pathogens are now immune to most antibiotics due to our overuse of them. Antibiotics also have a large amount of drawbacks. They are great at killing bacteria, but that is exactly the problem: they kill bacteria indiscriminately, good and bad. So the antibiotic you are taking for your strep throat, for example, is also killing the good bacteria in your stomach, digestive tract, and vaginal area. This is why most doctors will give you a prescription for antibiotics, and then an additional prescription to kill the overgrowth of yeast that invariably takes over your body.

With about 100,000 Americans killed by antibiotic resistant bacteria, this means that these dangerous types of bacteria kill more people than breast cancer, auto accidents, and AIDS, combined! When you take these numbers into consideration, it becomes clear that we need to use more natural means to deal with bacteria and infections if we want to avoid creating more of these antibiotic resistant bacteria related deaths.

Antibiotics are often prescribed for nothing more than the sniffles “just in case.” They have no effect on viruses and doctors do know that, but they want you to feel that your office visit is not in vain, so they often send you away with a prescription that you don’t need.

When antibiotics are taken repeatedly, they do the opposite of what many people believe they do; they weaken the immune system, rather than strengthen it. Why go this route when there are plenty of natural alternatives which will work with your body, rather than against it? Remember, you can always go get a prescription should these natural methods not work, but chances are they will!

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