Is Your Mouth Killing You?

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

Tooth Extraction

After you have a tooth pulled or extracted, there is often an infection in the bone called cavitation. It’s thought that these types of infection are caused by either a tendon that was left behind which now contains the infection that was in the tooth, or that it might come from the use of the pain killing drugs which cut off the blood flow.

Your dentist should completely clean the location, remove any tissue, tendon, or bone that is dead or infected, and then allow a new blood clot to form. The clot will allow new cells to grow and will eventually rebuild healthy new tissue, including new bone.

Cavitations will often be asymptomatic. The bone can actually be eaten by an aggressive type of anaerobic bacteria, but there is often little or no pain. This type of bacteria, though, is putting out strong and damaging toxins that can cause damage to your immune system or is sometimes the true source of your chronic health problem(s).

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