Is Your Mouth Killing You?

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Photo credit: bigstock

The last time you went to the dentist and he told you that you needed a filling, you most likely trusted his opinion and simply told him to go ahead. He probably never told you that chronic illnesses, acute illnesses, and auto immune diseases could be related to the mercury filling he was about to put in your body, did he? Although chances are good that your dentist is aware of this issue, he probably didn’t tell you and there’s a reason for this: conventional dentistry (along with conventional doctors) seem to think that there is a separation between the mouth and the body, almost as if they were two distinct organisms, like the engine and transmission in your car. Your body is not a car, however, and there is a synergistic relationship between every tooth in your mouth and the rest of your body. Your mouth can contain bacteria and infections that can go to other organs in your body. Sometimes heart disease is caused by an infection that started in the mouth, but doctors will only treat the heart. Read more must known facts about your teeth.

Your teeth are living organs in and of themselves. A holistic dentist understands that. Each tooth, through the meridians of the body, is connected to other glands, tissues, and organs. In traditional Chinese medicine these pathways or meridians that become blocked and stop the flow of energy will lead to the deterioration of the organ or the organ system that runs along that pathway, or meridian, that the diseased tooth is connected to. The disease from a dead tooth (root canals), or tissue and/or bone disease due to extractions, put toxins into the body that are difficult for your immune system to handle.

Dr. Josef M. Issels was one of the first doctors to recognize the connection between oral health and the health of the body. Dr. Issels found that in his more than 40 years of practice, more than 97 percent of persons who had, or were dying from cancer, had had extensive dental work, including root canals.

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