Only Seven Of These Each Day Gets You 10 Fantastic Health Benefits!

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1. Heart Health

Walnuts are rich in an important amino acid L-arginine, which has huge benefits for our cardiovascular health, especially for those who are at higher risk for heart disease. They also contain ALA, an anti-inflammatory alpha linolenic acid which can prevent the formation of blood clots. Studies have shown that people who eat sufficient amounts of ALA-containing food are less likely to have a fatal heart attack. Another study revealed that just an ounce of walnuts in your diet each day can decrease overall cardiovascular risk of death.


2.  Hormone Help

Walnuts are one of the best foods around when it comes to balancing your hormones. For best results, be sure to eat walnuts raw — not roasted, salted, or covered in honey or sugar.


3. Fight Wrinkles

Walnuts are terrific for fighting the most obvious signs of aging: wrinkles. These tasty nuts are loaded with potent antioxidants that kill the free radicals causing most of the signs of aging on our skin. For suppler, smoother, wrinkle-free skin, simply grab a handful of walnuts and munch away! How easy is that?! Find out more foods that fight wrinkles.


4. Weight Control

You might think that since walnuts contain fat, they are a big no-no for those who work to control their weight. But the opposite is actually true! A review of more than 30 trials showed that those who included nuts in their diets lost over a pound and more and half an inch from their waists than those who did not eat nuts. Walnuts in particular were associated with increased feelings of satiety after only three days.

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