Pillow Talk: Picking The Right Pillow For A Good Night’s Sleep

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We use them every night, yet how much thought do any of us put into our pillows? Most of us just pick them up at the store and keep using them for many years, unless something gets spilled on them.

The truth is that there are many factors that can influence how beneficial using a pillow will be for your health. Join us for some pillow talk as we discuss the role that pillow shape and composition can play in a restful and healthy night’s sleep.



Pillows are designed to support our heads while we sleep. If you’re regularly waking up with neck pain or back pain, there’s a good chance that your pillow isn’t doing its job very well. Some pillows are very soft and give way underneath your head, and others are very firm. Whether you need one or the other will vary depending on your body type. Everyone’s body is different, but with experimentation, you’ll be able to determine the level of firmness in a pillow that fits you best.

While this may sound very mundane and obvious, it’s important to be aware of, because if your pillow doesn’t agree with your body, you probably won’t get quality sleep, which opens you up to all kinds of problems. In addition to lower levels of energy and mental performance, insufficient or poor quality sleep will lead to a weakened immune system, increasing your chances of coming down with a more serious illness. So many things depend on getting a good night’s sleep, so don’t leave it to chance.

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