REAL Foods: The Most Effective Way To Fight Disease And Stay Healthy

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It seems these days everyone is looking for some quick fix or “life-hack” to grant them health without making any diet or lifestyle changes. Multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical and supplement industries have resulted from this. But a growing body of evidence is proving what our grandparents and great-great grandparents knew all along: Eating your fruits and vegetables is enough to get most of the vitamins you need and keep you healthy.

Millions of people, particularly elderly individuals, are taking multiple prescription medications each day. Many people wrongly believe that maladies like high blood pressure, arthritis, and heart disease are just normal parts getting older. Decades of drug-based remedies aimed at treating symptoms rather than root causes of illness have led to these misconceptions about health, nutrition, and aging. The truth is that most of these afflictions we see as inevitable are caused by a poor diet.

The nutrients our bodies require are meant to be consumed in a simple, natural form. When vitamins are removed from their naturally occurring contexts, they are often not as beneficial or cannot be absorbed as easily by the body. Synthetic drugs are a whole different animal altogether. Vegetables and fruits in their natural, whole-food forms contain huge amounts of vitamins and minerals. The evidence is overwhelming — a primarily plant-based, whole food diet is ideal for preventing most illnesses and quickly treating others.

Of course, after a lifetime of taking pills every time we have a headache, it can be easy to forget that our bodies are designed to heal themselves. Getting essential vitamins from whole foods provides the body with the resources it needs to fight free radicals, reduce inflammation, and combat all manner of illness, including cancer.

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  1. Kangiska Garcia

    Jun 26, 2016 at 3:13 pm

    More scientific sites: Huffington post and the DailyMail.UK…….WTF is this crap?