Royal Bee Jelly: Healthy or Hype?

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7. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Royal jelly can lower total serum cholesterol levels in those with even modestly elevated cholesterol levels, according to some studies.


8. Improves the Blood

One study published in November of 208 found that royal jelly improved both blood pressure and insulin resistance. Researchers gave rats that were suffering from both conditions royal jelly each day. After two months, all rats showed lower levels of insulin resistance and blood vessel constriction. This study was published in Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin.


9. Anti-Inflammatory Action

Royal jelly has been found to have anti-inflammatory action both when consumed internally and when applied topically.


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10. Cancer Fighting Compounds

BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine published one study in 2009 that showed that royal jelly can fight cancer by suppressing the blood supply to cancerous tumors. Japanese scientists tested several types of royal jelly on tissue cultures, and each type of royal jelly stopped the formation of blood vessels, especially those that contained the most caffeic acid. Royal jelly also contains fatty compounds that contain estrogenic effects, which means that royal jelly could be a treatment for cervical and breast cancer, according to a study that was published in PLoS One in December of 2010.

Royal jelly is at its best and strongest when bought fresh. Processed forms, such as those you get in capsule supplements, are often heated and processed, which kills the very enzymes and nutrients you are taking royal jelly for. If your health food store doesn’t stock fresh royal jelly, ask them to get it for you, or buy it online from a trusted source.



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