Seven Foods That Increase Your Sex Drive and Five That Kill It

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3. Soy

You might also find this a strange item to have on this list, but there is no denying the science. Harvard University published a study that showed eating soy and foods containing soy reduces the sperm count in men and was often the root cause of erectile dysfunction. In fact, monks eat soy to lower their sexual desire so they can concentrate on other endeavors.


4. Sugar

Well, no real surprise here. Sugar-laden foods really kill your libido, especially if they are foods loaded with trans-fats, like as doughnuts and cake. These saturated fats clog up your arteries, which clog up your desire. Sugar can even affect your fertility levels! Sugar can also lead to being overweight, which doesn’t make anyone feel attractive.


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5. Dairy

Although this won’t kill your libido outright, eating too much of it is unhealthy. The lactic acid in many dairy products such as ice cream, sour cream, and cream cheese has a negative effect on your sex drive. Get your calcium from fruits, nuts and vegetables. Limit your dairy intake, and you limit those sexless nights in front of the TV.

Of course, if there are other factors in your life that prevent you from a spicy sex life, you can always try the old standby and get a hotel room in another city. Remember that our brains are our biggest and most powerful sex organs, and sometimes all we really need to do is appeal to our grey matter in a new, exciting way.


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