Shocking 10 Foods Americans Eat that are BANNED in Other Countries!

farmed salmon

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5. Farm Raised Salmon

A lot of people think that of farm raised salmon as such a nice concept. They picture the wild salmon living free, swimming in the cool, wild rivers while the farmed salmon are swimming in nice, fresh, clean pools, something similar to goldfish. This is simply not the case.

Salmon in the wild get that beautiful red color from the natural carotenoids in their diet. Farmed salmon are raised on grains, which is not their normal food source, plus antibiotics. This leaves the fish with a very ugly grey color to their meat. Knowing that people will be reluctant to consume grey meat, farmed fish are fed a synthetic chemical called astaxanthin, which is made from petrochemicals. This substance is not approved for human ingestion because it is toxic.

It seems, however, that the FDA thinks it’s OK to feed it to fish that humans will consume. Both Australia and New Zealand ban farmed salmon. Avoid farm raised salmon by looking first at the meat. Wild salmon naturally is bright red and is very lean. The white stripes you see in the meat are streaks of fat; wild salmon has very thin lines. If the fish is light pink with thick bands of fat, it is a farmed salmon.

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