Simple Ways to Make Your Own Natural Perfumes

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

If you like, you can make some gifts for family or friends (or keep these for yourself!) Try some of these well-known recipes. You can get fixatives from your local natural food store.



  • One part perfume oil ( ones you mixed yourself)
  • 6 parts vodka
  • One part fixative ( best choices are powdered orrisroot or liquid benzoin)

This is a great one for putting in a spray bottle.


After Bath Splash

  • One part perfume oil
  • 10 parts vodka
  • One part fixative


Scented Bath Powder

  • One cup cornstarch or arrowroot powder
  • About 20 drops of perfumed oil ( depending on how strong you like the scent)


Scented Massage Oil

  • ¼ Ounce of perfume oil
  • 4 Ounces unscented base oil ( try apricot kernel oil or almond oil)

For a real treat, warm this oil for just a minute before you use it. Absolutely delightful!

See? No need to spend hundreds of dollars on perfume and you don’t have to settle for those cheap alcohol based, synthetic, toxic laden colognes. Make your own at a fraction of the cost. It’s fun to experiment and, when you find just the right combination, you will have a scent that is truly, absolutely unique and completely yours! Read more about other natural ways to control body odor.

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