Spicy Foods: 10 Good And 10 Bad Things Spices Can Do For You

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The Bad Things.

1. Scorched taste buds

The bad news is that after eating spicy food your mouth will feel like it is on fire. The good news is this is just a temporary situation. The best way to cool off your mouth and stomach quickly is to drink some whole milk.


2. Hot hemorrhoids

Another down side is what goes into your body must come out. If the foods are extremely spicy you could end up intensifying hemorrhoids.


3. Serves as a blood thinner

If you are on a blood thinning medicine, stay away from spicy foods because capsaicin serves as a blood thinner as well.


4. Heartburn

Many people end up with heartburn if they not only eat spicy food, but munch on huge portions of it. If you experience heartburn on occasion – then take note of the foods you are eating that are causing you to have this reaction.


5. Upset stomach

Many people who have a sensitive stomach will probably end up with an upset stomach if they eat foods that are too spicy.


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6. Diarrhea

Besides an upset stomach, some people may end up with diarrhea if the lining of the stomach is irritated by the spicy foods. You might have to lighten up on foods that are too hot and eat foods that are mildly spicy.


7. Unable to sleep

Eating spicy foods before bed could make it hard for you to fall right asleep. It seems that your body is unable to cool down right away so you can drift off to sleep. Your best bet is to eat your spicy foods earlier, not before bed.


8. Pain

Many people really do enjoy spicy foods, but for some of us eating spicy food equals to behaving and looking cool or tough. Enjoy what you eat and remember that eating spicy food is not the best tool to boost your masculinity.


9. Gastritis

If you continue to eat past the pain and fill yourself with spicy foods, the lining of your stomach could become inflamed and you could end up with gastritis.


10. Acid reflux

Your love of spicy foods could possibly interfere with your digestive process and you may end up with acid reflux. The foods turns into acid and burn as they work their way back up your esophagus. It usually wakes you out of a sound sleep and you won’t have enough saliva to get this feeling to go away. The best way to treat this is to sip on a cup of hot tea so you can get the acid to go down.





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