Stop Poisoning Yourself – Make Your Own Safe Scouring Powder

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There is something soothing and nostalgic about using a product that your grandparents perhaps even your great-grandparents used. There is a great deal of wisdom in doing some things “the old fashioned way.” Do you remember your mother, or grandparents using an old fashioned scouring powder called Bon Ami? This old time scouring powder was completely natural and was famous for not scratching.

Many women take cleaning products for granted until they have children. Toddlers, especially, make you aware of every single product you have in your home that is toxic and/or deadly. Whether you have children or not, it’s a good idea to go through your household cleaning products and get rid of items that are toxic or that contain endocrine disrupting chemicals.

If you are wondering why we are discussing Bon Ami, it’s because this product does the job without any chlorine, artificial dyes, perfume, or any other kind of toxic chemical. It actually scrubs away dirt and grime with nothing more than a sponge or soft brush. However, there are some sources stating that Bon Ami can cause respiratory issues such as irritation.

If you are one of those “do it yourself” kind of people, you probably are already making your own toilet bowl cleaners, laundry soap, face creams and deodorants — so we figured, why not make your own scouring powder?

If you have been using borax as a natural scrubbing agent, you should know that, like Bon Ami, there are sources claiming that this powder also causes lung and respiratory problems. Although you can find arguments on both sides of the issue, why not stick with something that does not contain borax until we know more about it? Better to be safe than sorry, especially since there is a safe alternative.

This recipe takes about two minutes to make and is so easy your kids will love helping you mix up a few batches. It’s inexpensive and cleans better than the typical store brands of scouring powder but without the expected smell of chlorine bleach. This works well on bathroom floors, kitchen floors, tubs, toilets, and just about any place where you would normally use scouring powder.

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